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Resource Post

I decided to do a basic resource section because even I'm starting to forget where stuff is from. It's stupidly small now (with only my defaults listed), but I will add to it once I remember where stuff is from. XD

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Ask at this post for anything you see that you're after, no matter what it is. Sometimes questions about custom content gets lost in the shuffle of my other comments but, if you ask here, I'll just check here periodically and track it down for you. Please be patient with me if it takes awhile. I'll do my best. XD

Miki's awesome request-a-sim post!

I never asked this before but, does any one want me to upload anyone for them? I have everyone backed up, I think, and the latest SimPE for Free Time is out. So, if you wanted a Stonewater or Taymor or, hell, any other random sim you've seen in my journal just in passing, just ask here. I'll be glad to do it! Especially since I just realized that some requests have gotten lost in the shuffle. If it keeps all to this post, I should be able to keep track. *nods*

Also, I will upload all requested sims base game friendly unless otherwise specified. If you want a sim EXACTLY as I have them in game, just let me know and I'll upload with the included custom content. Just be aware that I have all the expansion and stuff packs that are out because I would hate to upload a sim someone just can't use. Also, I don't care what you do with my sims, even if you want to make them a drunk, skeazy whore beast with 70 children. XD But, if you want to know their stats and aspirations, just let me know, I'll find them for you. XD

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Regenbogen Legacy 1.1

More Awesomesauce for your face!

Warnings: Some curse words and niceness, damnit!

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Missed an update: 1.0

Regenbogen Legacy 1.0

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!! XD Here's the begining of my Awesomesauce Legacy! Enjoy!!

Warnings: My foul-ass language.



So. Update:

My computer went absolutely batshit insane and, in trying to fix it, I lost EVERYTHING! That includes the Stonewaters and Taymors. The Taymors I could almost get over but the Stonewaters, who I had already lost once and already had to recreate and who I loved more than ANYTHING, is hard to get past. Because, not only did I lose their character files, I lost their packages too so I can't even recreate them. *cries* So, yeah.

I reinstalled everything once I got my computer up again and started from scratch. I didn't think I wanted to share or even start another legacy after losing the Stonewaters but I did. I decided to start an Awesomesauce legacy and I'm about to post them once I remember how to edit the pictures (ROTFL! I forgot EVERYTHING!). So! Please excuse the dust and look out for my legacy coming at you today!

Oh! And I logged back in to my photobucket account so all missing pics should be back. XD
*wipes dust off the place*

Hi. XD

I'm actually SAD I missed that. What the hell? That's EPIC!

In other news, this weekend will be a Stonewater update. I'm sure you're all excited! XD

Also, I think I'm planning to do a double heir. Just kill me now, please.
Uhhhh, hi! So, like, I stopped playing the sims for a bit because my game was acting up but, I've recently started again. I guess I'm just wondering, would anyone like more updates? I would like to update the Stonewaters more and maybe post my new legacy. But, I don't know. Is anyone still interested?


Moar excuses!

OMG! I'M SO SORRY! I'm just checking in to say that I should be updating this weekend. It'll be the Stonewaters but I'm not sure. The only time I'll have to play is friday night and saturday and, hopefully, that'll get me enough pics for an update. I am so sorry. Please have patience with me. Between work and getting home late, finding time for simming is proving difficult. *headdesk*

Stonewater Legacy 5.5

Warning: 98 pics, bad language, pics that may seem dark, and MORE UNWANTED PREGNANCIES!

Oh, HAI! What"chu doin"?!Collapse )

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